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Can I open a candy store at home?

No. Local zoning prohibits local retail in a residential zoning district.

Do all contractors need to be licensed in Maywood?

All persons doing business in the Village of Maywood are required to be licensed. Exceptions are...

Why do police take so long to respond to calls?

Calls are prioritized based on the seriousness or the nature of the call. Personal injury takes...

Is the Village Code Book on the website?

Yes, after logging onto the website, click link to Village Code Book.

Which dog needs a muzzle?

Due to current events and national reports, "pitbulls" have been singled out as fighting breeds and...

Who decides what hospital an ambulance goes to in an emergency situation?

The ambulance has to transport all patients to the closest hospital; the only time this can be...

Are homeowners required to have carbon monoxide detectors in their houses?

Yes, Illinois State law as of January 1, 2007 requires CO(Carbon Monoxide) detectors in all homes...

Does the Fire Department have smoke detectors for sale?

Yes, the department sells them at a cost of $3.00 each.

Where are the best locations to place smoke detectors in the house?

Smoke detectors should be placed on all floor levelsĀ in the home and outside of the bedroom area.

What type of calls does the Fire Department respond to?

The department responds to all types of emergency calls, from fires, medical, odor investigations;...

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